Upgrading the facilities of wells, flowlines, storage and oil separation equipment program includes:

Existing Oil Processing and Transfer Facilities, Field Manifolds and Well Testing Equipment

  • Condition review of Existing Wellhead equipment – beam pumps, flowlines etc.
  • Production Gathering and Field Trunk Lines
  • Oil-water/gas separators and other process equipment
  • Wellhead Equipment
  • Water Collection and Processing

Existing Sales Facilities

  • Storage Tanks 
  • Power / Field Electricity Generation
  • Rehabilitated Water Injection System

Future Pipeline Projects

  • Processing Facility
  • Tie-line Reparations

New Sales Facility

  • Storage
  • Metering and Sales Transfer

Design the new facility requirements

  • Water Injection System; Sourcing, Storing, Treatment, Pumping, metering and flowline system
  • Improvements to Oil/Water Separation, Metering and Export System 

Environmental Clean-Up with the help of affiliate company, Removal of redundant equipment, soil environmental improvement using bioremediation