Falcon is strategically located in the Kingdom of Bahrain to cater to global energy companies with primary focus on the Upstream Petroleum Industry of the Middle East. Our mission is to function as a catalyst for accelerating the growth of clients facing ever-greater Oil & Gas challenges across the GCC. Falcon is backed by a vast network of experienced Petroleum Engineers, Operational Experts, Global Manufacturers of Upstream Petroleum Equipment & Material.

Our client-base includes:

  • Oil Companies
  • Sovereign Entities
  • Drilling Companies
  • Advisory Companies
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Well Service Companies
  • Private Equity Companies 
  • Trading & Supply Companies
  • Banking & Investment Companies
  • Private Enterprises & Individual Investors

We specialize in troubleshooting with an exceptionally smart approach, going beyond presenting solutions by walking the talk to help you reach your final goal. This is accomplished by technical reviews and assessment, offering solutions, making recommendations and if required supervising the whole project till implementation. Falcon caters to existing players in the Middle East Region whilst serving as a beacon for all newcomers.