We Provide:

  • Reviewing existing core and fluid analysis (RelPerm, PVT data & fluid characterization, compaction and etc)
  • Classifying the reservoir, fluid and production data
  • Reviewing well tests, production data and qc’ing allocation and reconciliation factors
  • Well tests analysis (interpretation) of pressure transients, nodal analysis, pressure surveys, RFT, MDT, XPT
  • Material balance analysis for reservoir and aquifer characterization, in place calculation (comparing with volumetric volume), depletion mechanism classification
  • Production forecasting, Decline curve analysis
  • Building full field reservoir simulation model, history matching covering black oil, heavy oil, gas condensate and gas fields and prediction studies
  • SURM (Subsurface Uncertainties & Risk Management)
  • Risk Framing (covering major subsurface and non subsurface risks)
  • Assessment (evaluation risk impacts and build risk register matrix)
  • Manage (build a contingency plan)
  • Using EoD (Experimental Design) method build a proxy model
  • Build Depletion plan and alternative scenarios (Appraisal/ development program)
  • Model update and checking robustness of the project
  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Well design and target optimization
  • Economic modelling

With Water Flooding and/or Gas Injection: 

Water-flood and/or gas injection projects are to be prepared separately and compared with respect to each other from production and economic points of view. In the scope of the project, the following actions are to be realized: 

  • Determination of injector candidates (cross-sections, target injection layers, patterns)
  • Preparation of work-over programs for injector candidates
  • Determination of locations and number of new infill wells (producer or injector) needed to be drilled for the flooding project
  • Perforation policy for the offset producers
  • Effects of early gas or water breakthrough and investigation of ways to minimize them
  • Determination of the optimum injection rates and the best time for injection
  • Understanding and determination of reservoir flow barriers for undrained regions
  • Production forecasts for water-flooding and gas injection projects, separately
  • Determination of oil & water saturations, reservoir pressures, recovery factors at present and future estimate
  • Estimation of financial risks for the best, worst and most likely cases