Production and Operation Engineering Services:

  • Well inflow performance calculations.
  • Predictions of the future well performance by using simulation, decline curve, nodal analysis. 
  • Reactivation of some non-active wells according to expected production rates 
  • Surface performance (including choke, horizontal or inclined flow performance and separator).
  • Optimization of the wells by;
  • Selecting the suitable artificial lift method to reduce equipment failures
  • Using the necessary chemicals for paraffin, corrosion, emulsion, 
  • Modifying wellhead connections for operational easiness.
  • Measuring flow-line pressures and eliminating bottle neck effect.
  • Measurement by 3 Phase separators to allow accurate and reliable well production rates.
  • Installing line heaters & wellhead heaters to prevent emulsion problem in pipelines in winter.
  • Echometer services for fluid level, downhole dynamometer card, test traveling & standing valves, evaluate electric motors of beam pumps.
  • Inspecting all the production tanks, gas separators and fixing the existing problems.
  • Making a tubing test facility. 
  • Building a service base/workshop at the field for all maintenance issues.
  • Defining the potential shut-in wells and propose possible remedies including cost analysis
  • Reviewing production operations policies and prepare new procedures
  • Keeping the OPEX in reasonable level and reduce direct production costs