When it comes to Oilfield Service Equipment, there is no better place than Falcon’s in-house & expert associates.

Manufacturing Consulting

When you decide to start your manufacturing operations, Falcon is here to advise and direct you. Our associate equipment consultants in the United States bring un-paralleled expertise each with over 30 year experience spanning over equipment design, manufacturing inspection and sales. We provide as much or as little guidance as you want. As your manufacturing operation matures, you may wonder if you are missing profits or need to increase throughput without added costs. Falcon will evaluate your operations and propose solutions.

Equipment Consulting

There is a myriad of equipment designs and manufacturers in the marketplace today. Falcon provides manufacturer evaluations to make your decisions easier. We perform an in-depth analysis of the manufacturers supply chain, engineering and quality systems so you don’t have to. Falcon’s equipment expert surveys end users to gather feedback on equipment designs and desired quality to provide different viewpoints on the various manufacturers.

Equipment Broker

Falcon understands the ever-changing oil and gas equipment marketplace. If you have excess or idle assets, we can list them here and find a buyer. If you need equipment, we will find the equipment, inspect it, supervise repairs if needed and test it as part of our service. We will even handle the negotiations if you prefer.