Falcons’ proven valuation methodology consist of Four(4) stages:

1.0  Pre-Assessment Study:

Studying & Assessing equipment, accessories and material datasheets provided by the client in preparation for site survey. Issues such as valuation purpose, base date and scope of work are discussed with the client. Thereafter, plans for the valuation are developed. Falcon then conducts inventory inspection, investigates the inventory condition and collects data needed for inventory valuation.

2.0  Site Survey

2.1 Client presents the general situation of company, including the inventory management system.
2.2 Inventory datasheets are reviewed & verified against relevant financial records on sampling best effort basis.
2.3 Inspections are made to verify accounting vouchers, delivery notes and inventory datasheets.
2.4 Ownership certificates of appraised inventory are collected & examined on sampling best effort basis.
2.5 Visits to storage facility & on-site survey of the inventory is conducted.
2.6 Physical verification of models and makes of major inventory items.
2.7 Confirmation that major items are in their claimed locations consistent with provided datasheets.
2.8 Inspection and assessment of the physical condition of inventory items.
2.9 Capturing the physical condition of major items via digital camera photographs.

3.0  Evaluation

3.1 Based on the findings of “Site Survey” inventory items are evaluated & assessed.
3.2 Falcon determines the physical condition of inventory items at present.
3.3 Falcon assigns condition ratings for each inventory item.
3.4 Falcon determines fair market value based on condition rating.

4.0  Appraisal Report:

Falcon performs an appraisal sense check on inventory equipment, accessories & material; the report is then drafted and views about the valuation appraisal result are exchanged with the client.