Falcon’s market research and analysis practice offers unique expertise in the rapidly changing markets for Oil and Gas products and services in the Middle East.

Our founder and senior advisors each with 25+ years of hands-on, on the ground experience in drilling and all oilfield service segments, with intimate industry knowledge are in-tuned to rapidly identify the opportunities and the ways to overcome the barriers for an efficient business process.

Falcon’s market research analysts are trained with attention to details of the Oil & Gas dynamics and players involved in several key Oil and Gas segments. Our market research group specializes in ground level research for high level business feasibility assessment in the following manner:

  • Conduct macroeconomic research in specific geography.
  • Analyze local industry dynamics top-down.
  • Conduct sector-specific study.
  • Engage Falcon’s expert resources in respective geographies.
  • Fact-check with Falcon’s local experts.
  • Short-list market entry clients.

For clients seeking market intelligence for competitive advantage, we use our skills and tap into our vast network of local Oil & Gas industry experts and research to identify market opportunities, target customer segments, and optimize the design of new products and services. We identify needs, study application of new technologies, evaluate and design business feasibility assessments. Our clients can always be sure that the methods we use will fit best with their unique research queries.

We offer extensive experience throughout all stages of the research process. Contact us to let us know how we can help your organization to realize its goals.