Local and Regional Geological Field Mapping:

We are specialized in providing our clients a complete range of services required for analysis and development of surface and subsurface resources. Our professionals have extensive domestic and international geology and reservoir engineering experience. We transform data into real business property through guiding our clients to greater productivity. We offer flexibility in our subsurface services and work in partnership with our clients to achieve their objectives. We provide services for field programs and data evaluation. Our geological services are: 

  • Sequence Stratigraphy
  • Structural Analysis
  • Exploration and Exploitation
  • Drilling and Coring Programs
  • Well-Site Geological and Mud Logging Services
  • Well Log Analysis
  • Prospect Evaluation

Geology Modeling:

  • Preliminary analysis of geological context of the domain of study
  • Interpretation of available data and observations as point sets or polygonal lines (e.g. "fault sticks" corresponding to faults on a vertical seismic section)
  • Construction of a structural model describing the main rock boundaries (horizons, unconformities, intrusions, faults)
  • Definition of a three-dimensional mesh honouring the structural model to support volumetric representation of heterogeneity
  • Building geological fine grid model and upscaling