Our client, a leading American energy company, sought to gauge market conditions in four Gulf countries across multiple service lines for market penetration. Scope of the project included market survey and research, technical requirements and CAPEX estimates. Concentrated analysis was needed to establish feasibility of implementing a service line in a particular country and engaging local resources successfully.

Falcon’s Solution
Falcon provided knowledge based information along data gathered from partners in GCC to determine the most suited Oil Field Service (OFS) markets to enter. A senior consultant assessed captive market sizes in six selected service lines, studied potential barriers to entry, strengths/weaknesses of potential competitors and provided estimated CAPEX requirements. A market-entry strategy was developed with careful precision and the client was guided to selectively target service lines in relevant countries. 


In four weeks, Falcon presented a detailed market entry plan with market analysis and potential streams of profitability. The client was given a comprehensive report on market conditions, competitors present, scope of operations and technical/financial requirements. Based on Falcon's recommendations, the client was successful in engaging with target National Oil Company and is presently mobilizing assets to commence operations in the Middle East.