Our client, a forward-looking firm, sought to understand the current state of Saudi Arabia’s Upstream Oil & Gas industry as well as market size of each Oilfield service sector. Our client focused on:
:: Existing service sectors & segmentation of backbone well services
:: Market forecast of Oil & Gas well services and drilling
:: Existing players and market share distribution
:: Market share among competitors of an identified player

Falcon’s Solution
Our research team utilized its existing network to engage over 20 experts on Saudi Well Services and Drilling. These experts included upstream specialists from existing well service and drilling operations within the operating and contracting sectors.

Falcon produced a conclusive report containing in-depth information and expert projections on the Saudi Arabian selective upstream energy sector, as well as an assessment of the specific player requested by the client. With this information, our client successfully gained an understanding of the current state of these specific sectors in Saudi Arabia, and learned about future areas of opportunity.