Business Development

We provide an incubation model which enables clients to economically seed the Middle East market, explore the right business model and establish a footprint of success at a manageable level of risk.

li  Accelerates market entry at minimum cost and at a lower risk than investing independently in a wholly-owned subsidiary, branch, or representative office of your own.
li  Minimizes the risks & costs of establishing a business development or sales presence in the M.E.
li  Leverages Falcon’s local market knowledge, physical structure and experienced team of managers to help support your own Business Development capability in the Middle East.
li  Allows for flexibility in market and channel approach as you find the optimum business model to employee (enables more experimentation on approach).

We provide full support including

li  Virtual organization.
li  Senior management supervision.
li  Recruitment of new staff.
li  Support and develop Go To Market planning and strategy.
li  Actual channel development for sales and services.


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